As part of the Water Justice Hub’s aim to support open access education and capacity building, the site introduces links to a range of freely accessible resources including a glossary, images, calculators, as well as links to data and open access publications. They can be found under the headings below. Readers are invited to suggest additional resources for listing on these pages by contacting us at: admin@waterjusticehub.org

Conversion of a range of water volume and flow metrics.

High quality, freely available ebooks to print and download.

List of terms used in freshwater governance fields.

Mailing lists, employment opportunities, and scholarships.

Data and Tools
Quantitative and qualitative data resources and tools.

Databases, lectures, courseware, and other resources.

Downloadable high-resolution images from the GWF collection.

Open Access
Journals, blogs, and media providing freely available content.

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