Global Water Forum

 The GWF is an online resource presenting evidence-based, accessible, and freely available articles concerning freshwater governance.  The site acts as a hub for internally and externally produced education resources, and as a forum for the discussion of water challenges and solutions. The central objective of the site is to build the capacity of students, policy-makers, those working in the water sector, and the general public to understand and respond to complex freshwater problems.

The specific goals of the Global Water Forum are:

  • To share knowledge regarding water challenges and actions in an objective and accessible manner
  • To provide a forum for discussion and the presentation of alternative views through the dissemination of academic, technical, and practitioner knowledge
  • To provide a forum for mobilising positive change
  • To highlight community-level water problems and actions across the world
  • To create a global community of academics, students, practitioners, policy-makers, and motivated citizens seeking solutions to global water management issues