Tell us your water justice story!


Water injustice impacts people and places in different ways. Action is needed at many levels. The Hub invites you to share how you and your community are working towards water justice.


    Snapshots on the Water Justice Hub

    To feature your water justice story and photo, use the form below, or email with:

    1. A photo of you or the water justice issue
    2. Short description 100-200 words. You might write about: What is the water justice problem?  How did it occur? How does it impact you? What’s the way forward? What action are you/ your community taking?
    3. Include any relevant web links to further information.


    Longer written pieces on Global Water Forum

    Articles of 800-1000 words can be submitted to Global Water Forum (GWF). The GWF is an online resource publishing concise, open-access articles from leading researchers on water governance, policy, and science.  The GWF also features ‘Perspectives’ pieces based on lived experiences, long-term retrospective views or on-the-ground expertise. For details and submission guidelines, see GWF’s contribute page.



    A diversity of views are welcome on the Water Justice Hub stories. Please note that the views and statements in the stories represent those of the authors and contributors only. They do not necessarily represent those of the Water Jusice Hub, its members, sponsors or its partners.

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