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The Water Justice Hub’s mission is to respond to water injustice and to promote both ‘voice’ and truth-telling in relation to water. While the Hub will have a primary focus on Australia, especially justice for First Peoples, it will also respond to the global challenges of delivering ‘water for all’ or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.

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Everyone, be they community leaders, decision-makers, researchers, students, farmers, advocates or consumers has the power to promote water justice.

Water justice is a fluid concept, with numerous disciplinary interpretations and frameworks. Ultimately, the human right to water is critical to human survival, both for individuals, but also at the collective level.  The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ recognise all peoples (plural) are equal.


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    Australia, it is time to talk about our water emergency

    The last bushfire season showed Australians they can no longer pretend climate change will not affect them.

    Under climate change, rainfall will become more unpredictable. Extreme weather events such as cyclones will be more intense. This will challenge water managers already struggling to respond to Australia’s natural boom and bust of droughts and floods.

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