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Water Justice Hub

Reports & Publications

R.Q. Grafton, S. Fanaian, G. Sacco and L. Liberman (in press, 2021). Bending Towards Water Justice: Pathways for Truth, Reconciliation, Inclusion and Transformative Actions (in press, 2021). International Journal of Water Resources Development.

L. Chu and R.Q. Grafton (2021). Dynamic Water Pricing and the Risk-Adjusted User Cost (RAUC). Water Resources and Economics (35) 100181.

P. Wyrwoll and R.Q. Grafton (2021). Reforming for Resilience: Delivering ‘Multipurpose Hydropower’ under Water and Energy Risks. International Journal of Water Resources Development.

M. Colloff, R.Q. Grafton, J. Williams (2021) Scientific integrity, public policy and water governance in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia. Australasian Journal of Water Resources.

W. Nikolakis, R.Q. Grafton (2021). Law versus justice: The Strategic Aboriginal Water Reserve in the Northern Territory, Australia. International Journal of Water Resources Development.

R.Q. Grafton (2021) Book review of ‘Dead in the Water: A very angry book about our greatest environmental catastrophe…the death of the Murray-Darling Basin’ by Richard Beasley. International Journal of Water Resources Development.

R.Q. Grafton (2021) Book review of ‘Water Science, Policy, and Management: A Global Challenge’ by Eds. S. J. Dadson, D. E. Garrick, E. C. Penning-Rowsell, J. W. Hall, R. Hope and J. Hughes. Wiley Blackwell, 408 pp. Water Economics and Policy 7: 2180001.

A. Manero, S.A. Wheeler (2021). Perceptions of Tanzanian smallholder irrigators on impact pathways between water equity and socioeconomic inequalities. International Journal of Water Resources Development.

M. Colloff, D. Connell, K. Daniell, R.Q. Grafton (contact author), J. Guillaume, L. van Kerkoff, A. Lal, V. Marshall, E. Nabavi, J. Pittockm K. Taylor, P. Tregoning, J. Williams, P. Wyrwoll. (2020).  Water reform for all: a national response to a water emergency. (not academic peer-reviewed).

SPECIAL ISSUE ‘Water Justice: pathways for voice, truth, reconciliation AND INCLUSION’

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Institute for Water Futures

Reports & Publications

Marshall, V., 2020. Removing the Veil from the ‘Rights of Nature’: The Dichotomy between First Nations Customary Rights and Environmental Legal Personhood, Australian Feminist Law Journal 45 (2): 233-248.

Taylor, K.S., Longboat, S., Grafton, R.Q., 2019. Whose Rules? A Water Justice Critique of the OECD’s 12 Principles on Water Governance. in J.W.Nicole, M.H.Leila, N. Joanne, H.S. Sameer (eds), Water Governance Retheorizing Politics, MDPI, Switzerland, pp. 287-305.

Taylor, K.S., 2019. What does ‘water security’ mean for Australia? A review of Australian policy, Summer Research Scholar 2019, Parliamentary Library.