Inequitable access to drinking water is a problem worldwide, including in the so-called ‘Global North’. The United States of America, for example, is a wealthy country; yet many people lack access to clean, safe and affordable water. Water infrastructure is complicated and expensive, and the governance of water in the USA is fractured. Tim and Kat had the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges the USA faces and pathways to water justice with activists and academics. Join us in the third installment of the Water Justice Podcast to explore why safe water isn’t universal and the pathways to water equity in the USA. 

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This Podcast is hosted by Kat Taylor and produced by Tim Whiffen of Whimsy Productions for Quentin Grafton, Convenor of the Water Justice Hub,  UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance at the Australian National University.

02:17 Water Pathology
08:09 Water complications in the US
17:06 How Americans interact with Water
31:21 Working toward water justice in the US