The Water Justice Hub was formally established on 14 October 2019 as an initiative of the UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance at the Australian National University. The Hub is supported by a five-year Australian Research Council research program that began on 1 July 2020 on water justice, water valuation and resilient decision-making.

The Water Justice Hub’s mission is to respond to water injustice and promote both ‘voice’ and truth-telling in relation to water.

The Water Justice Virtual Exhibition: ‘Aquawhen?’ is organised from 15 September to 22 September 2021.

The Exhibition launch is organised at 13.30 pm on Wednesday 15 September 2021 (AEST). 

The purpose of the exhibition is to support the ‘voice’, art and the lived experience of the people living in far western New South Wales in 2019. Much of the exhibition features the words, and images they represent as developed by artists Rix Lee and Tom Horne, of those who gave testimonies before the 2019 Citizen’s Inquiry on the Health of the Barka-Darling River in 2019. The exhibition also includes videos of 2019 and 2021 of the Barka-Darling; the sounds of the Barka-Darling on the relationship between water and life; and ‘Justice Posters’ based on the research of some members of the Water Justice Hub.


Laureate Professor and UNESCO Chairholder Quentin Grafton FASSA, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA FRS, Vice-Chancellor & President of ANU

Professor Fiona Yap, Interim Director, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

Professor Lorrae van Kerkhoff, Director of the Institue for Water Futures, Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU

Professor Peter Yu AM, Vice-president (First Nations), ANU

The Water Justice Virtual Exhibition Launch ‘Aquawhen’ was recorded. If you have missed the launch, you can watch the video at:

The Water Justice Virtual Exhibition ‘Aquawhen’ is available from 15 September to 22 September 2021. You can visit the exhibition at: