Our water needs are so varied in our roles as individuals, as part of a collective, and as part of the living world, that is difficult to see how it can be all things to all people. We ask so much of such a vital natural resource and we achieve a lot with it, but when we are not united in our intentions for water it can cause serious harm. How do you balance the priorities of individuals and government, or intergovernmental organizations and private industry, or between two different countries that share water resources? This episode of the Water Justice Podcast put Asia at the forefront. We try to understand how different needs for water are met and discover some innovative ways problems at the macro-scale are being addressed at the micro-scale.

Discover more of Chitrersh Saraswat‘s work and our reference for this podcast.

Follow Associate Brian Eyler‘s contributions to the Mekong with his book and the Mekong Dam Monitor.

Find out more about Bhakti Devi and her actions as The Urban Water Doctor.

This Podcast is hosted by Kat Taylor and produced by Tim Whiffen of Whimsy Productions for Quentin Grafton, Convenor of the Water Justice Hub,  UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance at the Australian National University.