Late last month, Water Justice Hub was honoured to help host ‘Visualisation of the 2019 Peoples Tribunal Testimonies’ on 17 April at Maidens Hotel, Menindee and 20-21April at Wilcannia Community Hall.

The goal of this event was to help bring attention and understanding to the ‘2019 Citizens’ Inquiry into the Health of the Baaka/Darling River and Menindee Lakes’ report carried out by the Australian Peoples Tribunal.

In ‘Visualisation of the 2019 Peoples Tribunal Testimonies’ The artworks/pictures of  individual witnesses were exhibited to the people of Menindee and Wilcannia in an approachable way. To all those from the community who came to these events, thank you!

Below, you will find photographs of the events in Menindee and Wilcannia taken by Quentin Grafton and Rix Lee.

Barbeque at Menindee, on banks of Baaka-Darling River

Wilcannia Community Centre

Maidens Hotel, Menindee

Wilcannia Community Centre

Baaka-Darling at Wilcannia Bridge