Dear all,

MLDRIN is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals for a new position within the organization, which will focus on identifying and advancing water law and policy reforms sought by Victorian Traditional Owners.

Please circulate this to anyone you think might be interested!

Please note this is not a formal job application process. At this stage MLDRIN is seeking informal Expressions of Interest to scope availability of individuals with the appropriate skills and experience. Please review the attached Position Description and review the information below. We request EOIs no longer than two pages. 

If this position is of interest to you and you believe you have the required skills and experience, please provide a short (no more than 2 page) letter outlining your interest in the role, relevant skills and experience and responding to the questions below.

  • Please describe your interest in the position as described in the attached Position Description
  • Please describe your knowledge and understanding of water management policy and legislation in Victoria and/or the Murray Darling Basin.
  • Please describe your experience of engagement and consultation with First Nations on water or other related Natural Resource Management issues.
  • Please describe your experience and/or qualifications with project management

Letters of interest should be emailed to the MLDRIN Executive Officer by Wednesday 25th November:

If you have any questions about this position of EOI process, please contact the MLDRIN Executive Officer, Will Mooney on 0404 163 700.