In this episode of Riverside Chats, Quentin catches up with a former colleague of his, Dr Pamela Katic. Pamela is the Associate Professor in Economics at the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich. Pamela has travelled extensively, conducting field research in remote locations within the Amazon and in Yukon, Canada. In their chat by the river Thames in London, Pamela discussed the complex water security issues facing remote Indigenous communities, as well as their unique perspectives on the connection between the natural environment and mental health. Pamela also discusses some of the pitfalls of current irrigation technologies and practices and how they can become more effective if we better understand the broader ecosystems that they’re operating within.

This podcast was edited by Michael Migali and executive produced by Quentin Grafton, Convenor of the Water Justice Hub at the Australian National University. This episode’s hosts are Quentin Grafton and Safa Fanaian. Music by Serge Pavkin.