Classification: Academic Level B or Level C
Term: Tenure Track (Level B) or Continuing (Level C)

The IWF and the Research School of Earth Sciences seek an established advanced early- or mid-career researcher with proven expertise in the analysis of high-level space geodetic data and the development of software to perform the analysis, both for existing and future satellite missions.  The successful candidate will be required to teach as well as develop software and analyse data from remote sensing missions (such as GRACE/GRACE Follow-On, SMOS, SMAP, SWOT etc) to generate quantitative estimates of mass transport and changes in water resources on Earth. Our ideal candidate will be eager to contribute their high-level technical skills to a dynamic, interdisciplinary team aligned with IWF goals and directions.

For further information about these roles, please contact Associate Professor Paul Tregoning, 


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Applications close 19 November 2019