To finish series one of the Water Justice Podcast we have the ‘Bending Towards Water Justice Panel’. Panelists answer questions related to their research and how they take their findings and bring them to the world in serving water justice. This episode celebrates a special edition journal guest-edited by Professor Quentin Grafton, Safa Fanaian, Gabriela Sacco, and Luis Liberman. The special issue of the International Journal of Water Resources Development is titled Water Justice, Pathways for Voice, Truth, and Reconciliation. Contributors to the Journal Keith Barney, Ana Manero, Safa Fanaian, and Quentin Grafton align their experiences of water justice in a comprehensive discussion about collective action committed toward common goals.

The Special Edition Journal can be found here.

Journal Articles by Panellists:
Doctor Ana Manero – Perceptions of Tanzanian smallholder irrigators on impact pathways between water equity and socioeconomic inequalities.
Associate Professor Keith Barney – Impounded rivers, compounded injustice: contesting the social impacts of hydraulic development in Laos.
Professor Quentin Grafton & Safa Fanaian – Bending towards water justice: pathways for truth, reconciliation, inclusion, and transformative actions.

This Podcast is hosted by Kat Taylor and produced by Tim Whiffen of Whimsy Productions for Quentin Grafton, Convenor of the Water Justice Hub,  UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance at the Australian National University.