On today’s episode of Riverside Chats, Quentin Grafton speaks with David Hannah, who is a Professor of Hydrology at the University of Birmingham. Professor Hannah is also the Director of the Birmingham Institute for Sustainability and Climate Action and he holds a UNESCO chair in water science. David’s work aims to understand how the water cycle works, how it’s evolving as a result of a changing climate and then using that knowledge to drive meaningful change. David describes how global warming speeds up the global water cycle, which leads to more extreme floods and droughts. He also discusses his fascinating field work in the Himalayas, blending local knowledge and new technologies to help local populations adapt to their evolving natural environment.

This podcast was edited by Michael Migali and executive produced by Quentin Grafton, Convenor of the Water Justice Hub at the Australian National University. This episode’s hosts are Quentin Grafton and Safa Fanaian. Music by Serge Pavkin.