In the second episode of the Water Justice Hub Researcher’s series, we talk with Dr. John Williams. John is an Emeritus Professor and research associate at the Australian National University and a founding member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. He has also served as Chief of the Division of Land and Water at CSIRO, Chief Scientist and Chair of the NSW Department of Natural Resources’ Science and Information Board, and Commissioner of the New South Wales Natural Resources Commission between 2005 and 2011. John reflects on his wealth of experience as a water researcher and his hopes for the future of water justice.

Quick links:
Introduction – 00:05
Where are you based? – 03:05
What inspired you to become a water justice researcher? – 03:51
What areas of water research do you focus on? – 06:19
In your opinion, what is the most important water justice issue today? – 07:34
What is something about water justice you wish more people knew about? – 10:35
Why did you decide to join the Water Justice Hub? – 13:44
Who’s work in the water justice space do you most admire? – 15:17
What is your favourite memory as a water justice researcher? – 18:26
What are your plans for future research? – 20:36