Scoping Solidarity, Societal Dialogues on Water Justice

We invite First Nations and faith leaders, scientists and policymakers, universities, global networks, and local communities to a process of storytelling, designed to generate transformative commitments for water action with people from around the world.

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This side event will begin with First Nations storytellers from different contexts:

  • First Nations Vice President of the Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon Patricia Gualinga (Equador) in person
  • First Nations Anglican Priest Glenn Loughrey (Murray-Darling River Basin, Australia), short film
  • First Nations Chair of the Martuwurra Council Prof Anne Poelina (Kimberley region, Australia), short film

We propose three in-person presentations offering their research on water justice and one pathway forward:

  • Professor Quentin Grafton, Director of FE2W Network, The Water Justice Hub and the Australian National University
  • Gabriela Sacco Director of the Institute of Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter;
  • Fr Ben Ayodi OFM, Franciscans International and Laudato Si’ Movement, ‘Franciscanism, Water & Laudato Si’

The process will highlight the purpose of societal dialogues and the value of an integral approach that brings together science, faith, and Indigenous knowledges in the dialogue on water. The methodology and andragogy for these side events are framed within an Integral Ecology paradigm inspired by Laudato Si’ and adapted from Heron’s (1996) Cooperative Inquiry Cycle. Jacqui Remond, Prof Quentin Grafton and Dr Safa Fanaian are co-designing the process and will co-facilitate the societal dialogue event.


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Scoping Solidarity, Societal Dialogues on Water Justice